Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is PalmPons?
+ What is a Snippet?
+ What is a sharePoint?
+ How many sharePoints do I earn for each share?
+ Do my sharePoints expire?
+ Can I transfer my sharePoints to another user? 
+ Can I use PalmPons on my smart phone?
+ My favorite products and services aren’t listed. How can I get them listed?
+ How many sharePoints do I need to start redeeming them for cash or giftcards? 
+ Can I share the same Snippet multiple times and continue to earn points for each share? 
+ When I share a Snippet, how does it appear to others in my social network?
+ How can store owners benefit from working with PalmPons?
+ What is a Redemption Partner?
+ What’s the difference between a Redemption Partner and a Business Partner?
+ Do I need to have an account to start sharing?
+ How much does it cost to sign up?


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