Customers Hate Ads

Customers hate AD’s! In a world on information overload how do you reach customers effectively? PalmPons has reinvented the concept of business directories and combined it with the power of E-commerce. So think of Angie’s list where people have the option to buy products or services based on what each company is offering. But it’s so much more than just a business listing.





Sure, you create your business profile and provide basic info, but you can create offers on your products and services to build your own unique marketplace. And then, we take it a step further. With our cool technology, we integrate and distribute your information with the rest of our online partner community with the goal of building awareness for your business.



Here’s the best part: Interested customers can take immediate action on your offers, meaning they don’t need to redeem anything or print anything out. YES, they can buy it right now! So, let me ask you: Would you rather wait for a potential customer to find your website and see what you have to offer, or let PalmPons work for you by utilizing our network to give you exposure?