Should Money Be The Focus In Business?

Most people would answer, YES!! But really should it only be about money? Lets think about it in several different ways.




1. Businesses are created by PEOPLE.



A business is an entity of its own, but who created the business? What are the business goals and objectives? It’s kind of like that question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” A business is created by people, so think of it, do people want you to use them just for how you can benefit yourself with short term business goals and long term business goals?



2. Businesses are ran by PEOPLE.



Businesses are run by people, so people are responsible for making the decisions for the business. I would have to say from statements 1 and 2, what is more, important in business is the ability to nurture relationships and to have promising business goals and objectives.



3. People have feelings, likes and dislikes.



You and I know both that this statement is TRUE. I know if a prospective business partner or associate shows a caring spirit, I am more inclined to doing business with them, so focus on the person, not the position the person has in the business. Get a little personal if the opportunity allows. Getting to know personally the decision makers can actually help you tailor your message or offering in a way that connects on a more emotional level.



4. Show passion in what you do!



Passion is a human response and emotion. It’s something you cannot fake. Most businesses have business development goals and are started out of a need to solve a problem, and the Founders are generally passionate about their business solution. Share that enthusiasm with them and use that contagious emotion to show the value your business can add.


In business, money is the reward, not the goal. The goal in business is to nurture relationships and focus on people and how your business goals can add value to them.


When doing business focus on these 4 points and watch how your business will begin to flourish.