Tip 3 Make A Great First Impression

Tip #3: Make a great first impression!  Content and messaging is crucial to your ad-less approach. As we all know, how your business is presented is very important. 

Everyone sells “widgets”; so focus on what makes your “widget” different when creating Snippets. One of the best ways to do this is highlight your expertise. Think about what you want to be known for on the “local web.”







Second, define your specialties. Differentiate yourself by conveying your approach to the problems you solve. Where you can do this within the PalmPons tool is in the “My Profile” link in the “Description” field. This message is essential to your business’s success online and offline.



Third, make it personal. Tell the consumer what you’re doing to ensure they’ll have a great experience and that you care about their satisfaction. You can also do this within the PalmPons tool in your “My Profile” in the “Description” field. Most importantly, follow through when they buy your Snippet to try your product or service.



Remember, “Out work the competition!”