3 Steps To Gain More Page Views On LinkedIn

The majority see LinkedIn as a complex platform for promoting their brands and stimulating customer engagement because it seems difficult to bring the audience to their profile. But, a user showed a 425% increase in profile viewers in just a week!



Here’s how they did it:


Get Connected 


Several groups with different interests exist on LinkedIn and joining one of them allows you to expand your network and learn how they do their thing. Be part of the groups that actively share their interests and discuss topics that are relevant to your industry or profession.


Membership size ranges from topic to topic, too. If it is your first time joining a group, you can opt for one with less than 100 members. When you are familiar with how these work, join medium-sized groups with a maximum of 1,000 members or a large group with 1,000 – 100,000 members.


Get Accustomed


After getting connected, check the previous dialogues and see which questions have already been answered. Note how they converse – were they casual or formal, or verging in the middle? Then identify the topics that had the most interactions.


Try to look at the average length of a member’s response and distinguish whether their replies invite comments or not. This also allows you to formulate your own thoughts about your central theme. Do all of these before you do the next step!


Get Involved


Don’t stay lurking on the sidelines and share your brown bag. Since you already got accustomed, it will be easier for you to open new discussions where members can also share their ideas.


If you’re not confident with starting a new thread, you can always begin by participating in recent conversations without trying to aggressively win out the audience or instill your viewpoint. Remember, you are new to the flock and you have to let them see you’re harmless!


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the web, therefore, holding a tremendous potential for skyrocketing brand awareness. At PalmPons we can help you maximize the platform’s features today! Contact us to learn more.