How Facebook Chatbots Boost Your Business

Sending a message on Facebook pages is more or less replied with automated messages such as “How can I help you?”. Studies predict that 85%of business transactions in 2022 will be via Facebook chatbots.


Here’s why Facebook chatbots can help your business grow big:



1. Timely Response


Automated messages can appear immediately as soon as a customer visits your page. It attends to customer queries, aids in purchasing decisions, and suggests personalized choices faster than when a person mans your inbox.


Approximately 300,000 chatbots are active on Facebook and Messenger, securing business competence and marketing. The conversational tone of messages is observed to increase Facebook marketing than email marketing by about 70%.



2. Hassle-Free Booking


With Facebook chatbots, customers can book consultations and visitations with just a few clicks. They can easily select the date and time that suits their schedule and the store’s availability. Through this, in-store personnel can better attend to customers shopping at the store.


Sephora, a substantial cosmetic brand, is one of 11% of businesses utilizing Facebook Messenger chatbots that cater to booking services available at the physical store.



3. Better Brand Introduction


Instead of directing them to several links, you can directly introduce your product or service via Facebook chatbot conversation. Hence Facebook messenger chatbots capture the attention of your potential customers, which then results in increased engagement and curiosity.


Eventually, you can direct them to your website or shop, wherein they can scroll through a more comprehensive array of products and services you offer. If you don’t fancy this, the “Buy Now” button is available even in Facebook Messenger conversations, quickly prompting them for check-outs.



4. Sustain Customer Interest


Facebook Messenger chatbots can remind and persuade customers to proceed with prior unattended transactions. Using the platform’s features such as emojis or stickers appropriate for your brand, the messages can be more friendly and enticing to purchase your product or subscribe to your service.



5. Develop Sales Approach


By engaging with your customers through Facebook chatbots, you can gather data about customer preferences and struggles with a particular product or service. Hence Facebook chatbot will help your business ideate new products or services that can cater to this feedback and build a stronger connection with your potential and recurring customers.

Has your business utilized Facebook chatbots to increase sales and customer engagement? If not, it’s a good idea to use Facebook chatbots for the business feature to benefit your business and keep up with customer demand!



Has your business been utilizing Facebook chatbots to increase sales and/or customer engagement? If not, it’s a good idea to utilize this feature to benefit your business and keep up with customer demand!