How To Set Up A Twitter Campaign

When talking about advertising features on a social media platform, you’d probably think about Facebook first. The growing eCommerce is warmly embraced on this social media giant with its boosting of posts, organic ads, and even marketplaces that collate all the goods for sale in one place.


But Twitter, whose internet reach may almost be at par – if not the same – with Facebook have their advertising platform as well. Twitter reports ad engagement is up by 35%, while cost per engagement is down by 3% – proving they are a viable option when marketing your brand.


If you’re hearing this for the first time and want to try it out, here are some tips to get you started:





Twitter has different types of ad campaigns that work well depending on your business objective. Promoted accounts and follower ads make your profile appear on the “who to follow” section of someone who might be interested in what you can offer but doesn’t follow you yet. For obvious reasons, this type of ad is perfect when you want to grow your Twitter following.


Promoted tweets are similar to Facebook boosting. It’s a paid ad that makes your tweets appear in search results and user feeds. Likewise, promoted trends make your topic visible in the “Trends for you” section. Since many check the trends list once in a while, placing your brand here will increase awareness. Choose the right type of ad that suits your type of business and establish goals that ensure your budget won’t go down the drain.





When you know what you’re aiming for, you need to ensure your ad copy hits the mark. If you’re a solopreneur, it will be easier to maintain consistency in marketing tone and content. If you’re hiring someone else to write for you, make sure you’re on the same page so that your campaigns can go smoothly.


Some hacks to crafting an ad copy include sticking with your brand voice. You can get inspiration from businesses who have been doing paid media for a while – but remember to stay original and unique in your own way. It doesn’t have to be lengthy – be concise and precise. When you don’t know what verbal cues are effective, images and graphic designs can be your best friends.





What better way to know the basics of Twitter ads if not by setting up your own? Several steps in this process require needful information for effective promotion. This includes selecting your main objective, filling up campaign details (name, source of funding, duration, etc.), building ad groups, specifying the target audience, and deciding the placement of your ad.



Still unsure how to set up your first Twitter campaign? Reach out to our team and get the marketing support you require, made to order for your business needs.