How To Choose The Right Types of Email Marketing For Your Business

As social media platforms, website optimization, and general SEO take center stage in the digital marketing world, many businesses miss out on one of the most valuable and essential parts of marketing: email marketing.



Countless companies aren’t taking full advantage of emails – especially if they aren’t familiar with the suitable types of email marketing that work best with their brand. Different types of email marketing yield different results.


You may be asking: what are the types of email marketing? What is email marketing? Whether you’ve never taken advantage of the various email marketing strategies or are a skilled email marketer, we’ll break down every major email marketing campaign that your company can take advantage of according to your business structure.


  • Email Newsletters/Subscriptions


Arguably one of the most common forms of an email marketing strategy – an email newsletter/subscription allows you to consistently spread brand awareness and keep the content you share diverse and consistently.


However, it’s essential to ensure that your email newsletters align with your business goals. For example, if your newsletter is created to engage existing customers, you won’t want to be writing content primarily catered to new customers.


While this is an excellent form of engaging customers, it isn’t for every business. Make sure your goals align with your newsletter to avoid creating meaningless/irrelevant content that drives your audience away.


  • Introductory Emails


One of the email marketing best practices is preliminary emails – perfect for businesses hoping to form a long-term or concurrent business relationship with consumers.


Approaching a consumer in a nurturing, professional manner through this type of email increases the consumer’s chances to want to do business with you – AND even increases the consumer’s willingness to engage with future emails by 40% if done correctly.


  • Transactional/Confirmation Emails


These are the kinds of emails sent to consumers who have done an action – with the transactional/confirmation email serving as the doorway to complete the next step or receive confirmation that the previous action has been confirmed.


These emails can range from webinar info after completing a sign-up sheet or confirmation that an order has been placed/received. These are the perfect emails for businesses selling a product online or frequently hosting webinars.


  • Re-Establishment Email Marketing


For the kinds of consumers that may have stopped along the way of their buyer’s journey or have not renewed a subscription, a re-establishment email allows you to reach out to that consumer for a chance to re-engage them.


This also allows for significantly reduced costs for marketing – as you’ll be aiming to re-engage an old customer instead of trying to appeal to a new one. We recommend providing the consumer with an incentive to return to your business – ranging from deals, exclusive deals, etc.


However, be sure not to mail too many of these emails, as you’ll risk nagging customers and forming a bad reputation for your brand through this method of email marketing.


  • Lead Nurturing Emails


Lead nurturing allows you to set up a series of automated emails designed to target and nurture a consumer to engage with your brand promptly that aligns with the buyer’s journey.


This allows for increased outreach when sharing promotional content while helping to guide consumers along in their buyer’s journey. It’s a win-win when used correctly.


  • Video-Themed Emails


While this is a less commonly used form of email marketing due to its increased workload needed to be executed effectively, this form of email marketing yields excellent results.


With an engagement increase of over 20% and retention of info rising to a staggering 95%, it’s a perfect way to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Make sure the content shared is meaningful and relevant to your brand and tone!


  • Company Background Emails


An excellent way to establish a moving connection with your audience is to share an email emphasizing your company’s background.


This can range from how your company began, the values your business emphasizes, and similar topics to help build a connection with your audience. Make sure you send these types of emails at appropriate times and create them in a way that NEVER feels forced.


  • Standalone Emails


Another common type of email marketing is that standalone emails allow your business to get the point across and immediately set a call-to-action for a specific topic. Consider it as a landing page for your website – these kinds of emails should emphasize a new product, an upcoming webinar, etc.


However, these types of emails pose a slightly higher risk as it often requires more moving parts to be executed well as they’re only focusing on one standalone topic – therefore, if the said topic isn’t engaging itself, engagement will be below. 


These kinds of emails should be used when your business wants to emphasize a single product, service, blog, or event.


  • Feedback/Review Emails


After a customer has made a purchase, a feedback/review email is designed to encourage the consumer to share their feedback on the product or service they received.


These emails are intended to help increase credibility and brand recognition by allowing businesses to reach out and get more reviews – just be sure not to overdo it, or the reviews left by your consumers will reflect your naggy emails.


  • Sponsored Email Campaigns


Sometimes you want your business to reach the audience you’re looking for with the aid of a larger competitor or brand. Sponsored email campaigns are emails from other companies that highlight your business, products, or services.


Sometimes these sponsored emails come naturally (think “top 10 products in {insert industry here} this week”), while others can come from collaboration. When you’re looking to expand your outreach, this is an excellent way to do so when done correctly.


  • Holiday Campaigns


Holidays are excellent opportunities to offer exceptional deals and products, and they also serve as extraordinary times to encourage your audience to celebrate them with your products – and what better way to do so than in a holiday-themed email?


These emails can range from similar to standalone emails or even email newsletter/subscription campaigns – all with a holiday coat of paint on them.


Mixing and matching your email marketing campaigns to cater to your target audience is vital when optimizing your business for the long run and consistently attracting customers.


Do you need more help with learning how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns? Our team at PalmPons is ready to develop a perfect plan for your business and your target demographic with our email marketing services for the best email marketing service.


So get in touch with us today and see how to boost your business together!