• What is PalmPons?

    PalmPons is a rewards platform, where members earn points for sharing with friends. You can redeem your points earned "sharePoints" for gift cards, dining, travel and even cash! No purchase is necessary and points never expire.

    What is a Snippet?

    A Snippet is any digital content you share with your network from our website. A Snippet could be a video, blog, product, image or a mention. Some Snippets feature products and services, while others could be digital content. When members share our Snippets, they earn points toward awesome rewards.

    What is a sharePoint?

    A sharePoint is what you earn when virtually sharing a Snippet on PalmPons. Think of sharePoints as your PalmPons currency!

    How many sharePoints do I earn for each share?

    Currently, you will receive 0.2 points for every share. Content owners can offer different point values at their discretion.

    Do my sharePoints expire?

    sharePoints never expire!

  • Can I transfer my sharePoints to another members?

    At this time, no, sharePoints cannot be transferred to another members.

    Can I use PalmPons on my smart phone?

    Yes you can, our website allows members using an iPhone, Android, Tablet, or desktop easy to share and earn.

    My favorite products and services aren’t listed. How can I get them listed?

    If you don’t see a product or service and would like to suggest one, email us at suggest@palmpons.com

    How many sharePoints do I need to start redeeming them for cash or giftcards?

    You need at least 25 sharePoints to unlock gift cards; you need a cash value of $25 to exchange your points for cash. Cash exchange will be processed through PayPal.

    Can I share the same Snippet multiple times and continue to earn points for each share?

    No, you can only share the snippet one time. In order to continue earning sharePoints, you can share different Snippets.

  • When I share a Snippet, how does it appear to others in my social network?

    When you share a Snippet, your network will see a link, as well as an image of the product or service on your social network. You can also customize a comment about the product or services directly from our platform, before it is shared with your network.

    How can businesses benefit from working with PalmPons?

    PalmPons is a great way for business members to get more likes, shares and mentions on social media. All sharePoint proceeds go to our social members, so every dollar you spend is going directly to the rewards platform. To learn more about becoming a redemption partner, contact us by phone or email us at info@palmpons.com.

    What is a Redemption Partner?

    Redemption Partners are online or offline partners that users can exchange their sharePoints in for merchandise, travel or services.

    What’s the difference between a Redemption Partner and a Business Member?

    That’s a great question! Basically Redemption Partners’ products or services are not shareable on the rewards platform; they are exclusively for exchanging the value of your sharePoints.

    Do I need to have an account to start sharing?

    Yes, you need an account to use PalmPons. Lucky for you, it’s quick and easy to sign up. Create an account today! Sign Up

    How much does it cost to sign up?

    PalmPons is absolutely free for our social members, and business members can create a free account.


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