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Now that you have an account, let’s learn how to create a campaign.

Create Your Campaign

Within the dashboard, create a “Snippet.” Think of a Snippet as a digital flyer for your business. Use it to advertise your products or services generally, or promote a special discount! Get started by clicking “Create a Snippet.” Next, you’ll upload a photo and provide details about the product/service you’re promoting.

Your Snippets Are Ready for Viral Sharing

Let your customers, friends and colleagues know about your PalmPons Snippet!
Our network of social ambassadors will be able to explore your products and services and share them seamlessly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube seamlessly.

Our Users Are Rewarded

Users earn rewards once they share Snippets. With our rewards program, users can earn discounts toward travel or restaurants, gift cards, and even cash rewards. Want to take you PalmPons campaign full circle?

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