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Common questions

Can I use this to promote my online shop?

Yes, in fact many Etsy, eBay and Shopify store owners use PalmPons, even YouTubers, affiliate, internet and social media marketers too.

Can influencers share my content more than once?

Great question! No, social influencers can only share your item once on each social media platform, which means each share is unique.

Do you have a free trial?

You can create a free business profile, but when you create a Snippet there is a cost associated to start attracting influencers.

What is a Influencer?

A influencer is a social media user and member on our website who would be helping you get more likes, mentions and shares on social media.

What happens when I am out of funds?

Your content/product will no longer be sharable by our social members, you will have to add more funds to your account.

Can I add my store item or digital content links and start today?

Yes! Sign up and fill out form and submit your payment to get started.


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