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Our small team takes limited orders to ensure YOU receive the highest quality service! Order ala carte or create your own combo, the options are endless!

Cheeseburger (Social Media Management)
Social Media Management - focus on organic engagement, outreach, and engagement with your audience - purchased in weekly increments
Pizza (Social Media Content/Editorial Calendar)
Social Media Content/Editorial Calendar - Content Topics Based on Audience interest and posting cadence
Burrito (Social Media Content Writing)
Social Media Content Writing and social media content writing purchased in weekly increments (5 posts each week, 3 platforms (IG, Twitter, FB or LinkedIn, including hashtags)). Content is QA d for accuracy and context to ensure HIGH QUALITY CONTENT.
Tacos (Social Media Audit)
Social Media Audit - One social platform, we review your account and give you suggestions on improvements. Price is based on one audit per platform. If additional platforms are required, please purchase another snippet.
Fries (Graphics Design)
Graphics Design - custom images for social posts, social media banner designs, one per platform. If you need more images, please order additional orders of fries.
Chicken (Email Marketing)
Email Marketing (Writing newsletter purchased in weekly increments).
Hot Dog (Competitor Analysis)
Competitor Analysis - identify 3 key competitors. This requires Market Research (Steak and Potatoes). Please select your Steak and Potatoes to go with this item
Noodles (Influencer Marketing)
Influencer Marketing - help you identify and establish the right influencers that targets your audience. 3 influencers identified and we provide messaging to use for outreach. One platform per order. Each additional platform requires ordering additional snippet
Salad (Paid Media Campaign Management)
Paid Media Campaign management - end-to-end support creating your paid media campaigns on FB, IG, Google, including research and targeting and digital assets. (Purchase is based on 1 platform per order, each additional platform requires ordering additional snippet)
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