How PalmPons Works

Check Out the Menu

Like going to a restaurant, you check out the menu before you place your order. Our services are broken down the same way, but not with so much selection you cannot decide what you want, we focus on what you need.

Create Your Profile

This is where you actually place your order, by creating your snippet, there is a drop down of the services to make it easy to select what marketing support you need to submit your order.

Chow Down

Once your order is placed, we then go into the kitchen and start “cooking it up”. Depending on the service you can get your order within 48 hours and if we have questions, you will hear from us.

More Questions?

We make getting the marketing support you need easy

Leverage our US-based marketing support team for the support you need, whether it’s one week of social content, a strategy to get you going into the right direction for your brand, or building your target audience for paid media, we got you covered!

To Start Your Order, Create A Snippet

To place your marketing support order, you start with a short membership process and validate your account. Once you complete these steps you can create your Snippet within your Dashboard. You can select your service of choice from the drop down menu and pay, then we start preparing your order!

Order only what you need, no subscriptions, no contracts and no long-term commitments

We get it, you have a temporary project, or just starting your company and need support, but not a hassle. Grass-root your business with a reliable and trustworthy partner that is focused on your number 1 priority, success!

No Freelancers, No Agencies, Just Us

There are a million and one "Platforms" to find an expert, but vetting a qualified person is just a pain. To get work done you don't have to deal with globe frolicking freelancers or impersonal agencies, work with our US-based team, that you can actually call! This is not a platform for marketers and freelancers, we are a platform for small businesses to get the marketing support you need!

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