How PalmPons Works

Become a Member

PalmPons makes it easy to earn rewards like giftcards and more starting with a simple membership process. Once you become a member, instantly start reaping rewards!

Share with your Friends

Browse our list of digital content. When you find something you love, tell your friends about it via Facebook or Twitter! Post a social shout-out (we call these shout-out Snippets). When you share Snippets, you instantly earn PalmPons sharePoints, and you're on your way to redeeming cash or giftcards.

Earn Rewards or Cash

sharePoints are your PalmPons currency. Once you've accumulated enough points, it's time to cash in. PalmPons will give you cash for your sharePoints or you can redeem them for giftcards, rewards and more!

What is PalmPons?

Own Digital Content or an Online Store?

Create Your Snippet

Within the dashboard, create a "Snippet". Use it to get more likes, shares and mentions on social media, or make more people aware of digital content or online store items! Get started by clicking "Create a Snippet." Next, you'll add a photo and provide details about the digital content or item.

Your Snippet Are Ready For Viral Sharing

Our network of social members will be able to explore your products, services or digital content and share them seamlessly on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Our Members Are Rewarded

Members earn sharePoints when they share Snippets. With our rewards program, members can earn rewards toward travel or restaurants, gifts cards, and even cash rewards.

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