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How PalmPons Works

Step 1:

Check Out Our Menu

Like going to a restaurant, you check out the menu before you place your order. Our services are broken down the same way, but not with so much selection you cannot decide what you want, we focus on what you need.

Step 2:

Create Your Profile

This is where you actually place your order, by creating your snippet, there is a drop down of the services to make it easy to select what marketing support you need to submit your order.

Step 3:

Chow Down!

Once your order is placed, we then go into the kitchen and start “cooking it up”. Depending on the service you can get your order within 48 hours and if we have questions, you will hear from us.

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40,000+ Hours of Marketing Support for business

We Make Getting the Marketing Support YOU Need EASY!

Only Order What You Need.

NO Subscriptions, NO Contracts, NO Long Term Commitments

Finding the right marketing support for business shouldn’t add another pile of items to your already-crammed agenda. Tap into our US-based marketing team for the help, expertise and passion you need.

Whether it’s one week of social content, a strategy to get you going into the right direction for your brand, or building your target audience for paid media, we’ve got you completely covered!

Looking for paid ad management, media buying, copywriting, content marketing, creative design, custom solutions or something else entirely? Then that’s exactly what you’ll get. No tacked-on extras, senseless subscriptions, confusing contracts or long-term commitments. Really.

Reliable Marketing Support

Most of our customers find vetting a qualified, consistent person to be a hassle. You need to support initiatives, not hold hands while crossing your fingers that something won’t fall through the cracks. 

We keep up with the latest trends, while also utilizing tried and true methods to achieve results. Not only that, but we understand that very few projects are without obstacles. Sometimes you need to adjust, rework or reimagine your vision. We’re all for it. (In fact, we’ll help you do it.) We have extensive experience supporting the marketing demands encountered by large and small organizations. We want you to succeed as much as you do. 

With tight deadlines or conservative budgets, you require a partner that can adjust and pivot on-demand. Use us as a short-term solution to staffing issues, or reoccurring needs to keep costs predictable. Scale with confidence!

About Us

10777 Westheimer Road, Ste 1100, Houston, TX 77042

PalmPons is a marketing support platform, where business owners can order marketing services, circumventing the process of vetting and hiring freelancers, employees or agencies. Our founders are freelancers graduates with over 40,000+ hours of digital marketing experience (that’s over 14+ years). We love data, we love results and we love making impossible things possible. Come say hi.

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