1st Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Use PalmPons to expose your overpriced competitor!  Some businesses feel they need a promotion to actually use PalmPons. Most of us have competitors and we are vying for the same customers, so generally we know what our competitors charge. If it’s more than you charge for the same product or service, let people know about it with a Snippet!






PalmPons allows you to leverage and highlight what is important to customers, PRICE. For a price-conscious consumer, this is an awesome way to get their attention and gain more exposure. Use this proven method to allow them to experience your “difference”.



PalmPons’ mission is to build simple tools and services to put Main Street businesses on an even playing field with larger retailers and service providers, and make the cost of outreach and awareness more affordable for business owners.



Technology only works if you use it. The clients that use our technology have gotten on the first page of Google for their business category. Your competitors are paying thousands of dollars to get the same results, now you have a secret weapon, but it won’t be for long. More businesses are finding out about our service and it could be your competitors. Don’t be the late adopter!