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Useful Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Follow

March 14, 20236 min read

Startups are often strapped for cash but must make the most of their resources to turn a profit. An effective way is having the best online marketing for your digital marketing agency, which can be done relatively cheaply and at scale. At the same time, it's critical for startups to choose their marketing strategies carefully—they need to find the ones that will give them the biggest bang for their buck.

Online marketing solutions are a must for a budding digital marketing agency. It is the only way to target more niches effectively. In addition, the best online marketing can generate qualified leads for your clients on a low-cost basis and accomplish that in a shorter period. But making it work requires the right mix of strategies, which for a digital marketing startup may mean having to choose some tough decisions about where to focus limited resources.

The key to the best online marketing solutions for startups is handling different niches at a low cost. Here are five of the best online marketing strategies that can be implemented at a low cost and help your startup reach the scale it needs to gain traction and attract more customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is among the most cost-effective internet marketing services for syndicating information and increasing the visibility of your client's brand. As your client's business interacts with a wider range of customers through social media, you'll see a rise in the brand's visibility. When it comes to reaching out to the existing customer base and reaching out to new customers, there is no other marketing method as cost-effective as social media. Social media may be incredibly advantageous if you are ready to invest time, energy, and money in developing high-quality content and engaging with your client's customers.

Create an Online Presence on Social Media Platforms

When you examine how many people use various social channels, it becomes clear why you should be on social media. Each social platform provides you with the possibility to sell your company. Digital marketing agencies are constantly developing new platforms, but the following are the leading social networking networks:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

You may lack the time or resources necessary to maintain an active presence on every platform of so many clients. However, having a strategy in your marketing plan or hiring the top digital marketing agency to support your client's business profile on social media might help it succeed. 

Create Shareable, Relevant Content

It's not enough to simply have a digital presence. Your company must also develop shareable content. While it's crucial to post regularly to attract people to look at your page, creating shareable content spreads your message further. Consider what would happen if something your client's company posted went viral. The social media engagements would rise, and many more people would see and know about your client's business. You may also opt for an online marketing services company to help you to create content like this for your client's business.

Content Marketing

Hiring a Digital Agency for Content marketing is another of the best online marketing strategies for Digital Marketing startups to adopt. Content marketing includes anything from blogging and e-books to whitepapers and webinars. Businesses that create content that consumers find valuable and want to read will get noticed by potential customers. Likewise, consumers trust brands that provide them with valuable information. 

For a startup business to get noticed by consumers, it should provide them with informative articles, blog posts, and videos that educate the reader on a particular topic or industry trends. The key is to ensure that the content is relevant, informative, and easy to read to provide value for the reader. Again, hiring digital marketing services for small businesses can make things smooth for you.

Email Marketing

Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing allows you to contact prospective customers at every funnel stage—somebody might not be ready to buy after reading a blog post about a particular topic. Still, they might be interested in learning more about it later on. 

By collecting email addresses from visitors to your client site and other sources (like trade shows or industry events), The business can send out informative content and helpful tips to keep prospects coming back for more. The best part about this online marketing service is that after you've established an automatic mechanism for emailing your client's list, this strategy has the potential to expand tremendously over time!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is one of the most crucial parts of full service marketing for startups. Many Digital Marketing Agencies think that SEO is to drive traffic to a website via search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, that is one tiny piece of the puzzle. SEO is much broader than that. It's a strategy that encompasses everything you do online for your client's business to improve visibility in search engines, so they get more visitors and conversions.

The first step a Digital Agency startup should take when it comes to SEO is to focus on on-page SEO with the help of an online SEO company. Keyword placement, header tags, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and microdata are all things you should focus on. After you've mastered all of that, you can go on to link building and social media marketing.

Every SEO campaign should include on-page SEO from an online marketing expert as the foundation for everything you do online because it's the foundation of the website's visibility in search engines. It's what search engines are going to see first before they choose whether or not to show your website in the results pages when someone searches for keywords related to your business.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is the best option if you want to see a quick return on your client's marketing expenditure. Top digital advertising companies employ this strategy to start driving visitors to a site right away. The goal with online ads is to get people to click on them, and when they do, they'll be directed to your website. 

Paid ads will also appear above the fold (the top half of the page), making them more visible than other results. Online advertising companies are well aware of this because you are only charged when someone clicks on your advertisement; A well experienced digital marketing agency can help your digital marketing startup avoid wasting money by displaying an advertisement that generates no interest. In addition, you may control who sees your advertising based on geography, keywords, interests, and even individual websites visited. In other words, if you know who your client's customers are, it's easy to target your ads directly to these individuals and maximize the likelihood they'll click through.


Remember these five best online marketing strategies as you forge ahead with your digital marketing startup. Integrating them into your client's business plan will better position your company for success. Finally, remember to take it one day at a time. Online marketing is a long-term strategy, and you'll have your triumphs and failures. 

And, if you need help with these strategies and any other online marketing, don't hesitate to team up today with a full service digital marketing agency like Palmpons. We recognize that every digital agency has different needs, and we're ready to give you all the help you need to succeed. We're happy to help!

Matthew Dean

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